Travellers Code

  1. Leave camping and picnic site’s as you would wish to find them.
  2. Never bury litter or leave it lying around.
  3. Never light open fires on vegetated land.
  4. Never dislodge stones or build Cairns.
  5. Keep water clean and safeguard springs and pools.
  6. Keep vegetation undamaged.
  7. Keep wildlife undisturbed.
  8. Never damage geological formations.
  9. Respect the tranquillity of the countryside.
  10. Never drive off roads.
  11. Keep to marked footpaths when requested.
  12. Respect conservation rules and warden’s instructions.

This is the message of the nature conservation laws.

Keep these rules in mind when you are travelling in Iceland so that others can also enjoy the beauty of the unspoilt countryside.