1. What is the required language for Safety Data Sheets (SDS)?
    SDSs should be in Icelandic.

    Information extracted from chemical safety reports, attached as annexes to SDSs, may be provided in English.

    When only supplying small amounts (less than 1 kg per recipient per year) to recipients in research and development, who can be expected to know foreign languages due to their education or specialisation, the SDS provided may be in English, Danish, Norwegian or Swedish.

  2. How are REACH authorisations handled in Iceland?

Applications for authorisation are handled by ECHA.

The Commission decides on the granting of authorisations for substances included in Annex XIV of REACH. As per provisions in the EEA Agreement, once the Commission has taken a decision concerning authorisation, a concurring decision is taken by Iceland within 30 days.

In effect, this means that authorisations granted by the Commission become valid in Iceland within 30 days. A list of granted authorisations can be found here (the page is in Icelandic, but links are provided to the appropriate summaries in English on EUR-Lex).