Arnahellir in Leitahraun

Árnahellir was protected as a natural monument in 2002. The cave has unique geological formations and is in the same category as very few caves on Earth that boast such beautiful and unspoiled lava formations. Árnahellir is a world-class natural phenomenon and was discovered in 1985.

Árnahellir, as well as Jörundur, Híðið and Borgarhellir, are among the most beautiful caves in Iceland due to its diverse color palette.

Árnahellir is approx. 20 m below the surface, 10 meters wide with a low ceiling. Árnahellir is approx. 150 m long (44th longest of all known caves in Iceland). The stalactites in Árnahellir are too many to count and can be likened to a jungle. The longest stalactites in Árnahellir are just over 1 m and around 7 cm in diameter. Some of the stalactites are partially covered in gypsum, up to 15 mm thick. The longest soda straws are around 60 cm. The cave ceiling is almost covered in soda straws, 510 mm in diameter. Exotic minerals have been found in Árnahellir, such as a 2 cm long turquoise stone, an opal.

 The natural monument is 8 ha.