Stekkjarhraun, Hafnarfjordur

Stekkjahraun was protected in 2009. The aim of the protection of the area is to preserve an outdoor activities area in beautiful lava field surroundings also containing interesting vegetation and special cultural relics. Stekkjahraun is part of lava fields that flowed during the Búrfell eruptions approx. 7,000 years ago. Stekkjarhraun is a direct continuation of Gráhelluhraun, and the lava flowed through a narrow channel between Setbergshlíð and Mosahlíð. Access to the area is good, and as a result, it is ideal for education and outdoor teaching. The protection also aims to preserve wetland sites by Lækurinn, where it flows along Stekkjahraun, since species such as bogbean and sedges, rare species in urban areas, grow there.

The protected covers an area of 15.9 ha.