Hvaleyrarlon and Hvaleyrarhofdi

Hvaleyrarlón and Hvaleyrarhöfði were protected as a country park in 2009. The aim of the protection of Hvaleyrarlón and the beaches of Hvaleyrarhöfði is to ensure an outdoor and education area for outdoor activities and bird watching, as well as to preserve the ecosystem and mudflats in the area, an important bird habitat.

The outdoor activities and educational value of the area is high. Mudflat fauna is quite rich, and birdlife in the area is particularly robust. Accessibility for residents is good, there are primary schools and kindergartens in the vicinity and the area is therefore ideal for outdoor teaching. The area has long been popular for outdoor activities and is ideal for bird watching all year round, as you can often spot rare visitors, such as grey herons, there.

The area covers an area of 39.9 hectares.