Pollengi and Tunguey

Pollengi and Tunguey were protected in 1994. The aim of the protection is to preserve the wetlands and birdlife. The area is characterized in part by a floodplain, but a large part of it is completely submerged. The island is not accessible on foot, except on ice. Bird area.

The nature reserve covers an area of 657.5 ha.

The following rules apply to the nature reserve:

  • Altering the landscape in the area is prohibited. This also applies to pond banks, water beds and the water table.
  • Construction and disturbance of the ground is subject to permission from the [Environment Agency].
  • Landowners are permitted to maintain the ditches already present in the nature reserve.
  • Bird hunting is prohibited in the nature reserve.
  • The nature reserve can be utilized in the traditional manner, i.e. for hay gathering, grazing and fishing.
  • All vehicle traffic not related to legitimate utilization is prohibited.
  • Pedestrians are allowed in the area for lawful purposes, provided that good conduct is observed, and disturbing livestock and birdlife is avoided.
  • [The Environment Agency] sets further rules on traffic if deemed necessary.