Blafjoll Public Park


Bláfjallafólkvangur was first protected in 1973, but the protection was reviewed in 1985. The municipalities Reykjavík, Kópavogur, Seltjarnarnes, Hafnarfjörður, Garðabær, Sandgerði, Grindavík, Sveitafélagið Garður, Sveitafélagið Vogar, Reykjanesbær and Mossfellsbær are all involved in the country park. The area covers an area of 90.4 km2.

Natural conditions 

Bláfjallafólkvangur lies in the middle of an active volcanic belt that runs through the entire Reykjanesskagi peninsula. The landscape shows clear signs of this, with various types of volcanos, modern lava fields, tuft formations and dolerite that flowed in the warmer periods of the ice age. Openings and caves can be found in many of the lava fields in the area. The deepest vertical lava cave in Iceland, Þríhnjúkagígur, which is around 120 m deep, is located in the area. The highest point of the Bláfjallafólkvangur is in Bláfjöll, 685 meters above sea level.

Vegetation in the area is mostly characterized by mossy lava fields and rocky moss-covered hills. In between are grassy areas and heaths. The moss is sensitive to disturbance, and there is a risk of vegetation coverage being damaged where there’s a lot of intrusion.

A large part of the country park is also a part of the Greater Reykjavík Area’s water protection area.

The natural monument Eldborg in Bláfjöll is within the country park.

For Visitors – Travelling Around the Area – Helpful Information – Points of Interest 

Bláfjallafólkvangur is near the biggest municipalities in Iceland, and access to the area is quite good. A ski area is operated within the country park, in Bláfjöll, with ski lifts and cross-country ski trails.


The country park can be driven into from two directions.

  • Access to the area from the north from the Greater Reykjavík Area is from Highway 1. Turn into Bláfjallavegur road No. 417 by Sandskeið. Drive 2.8 km before you reach the country park boundaries. The road is paved the whole way. From the intersection of Highway 1 and road No. 417 to the Bláfjöll ski area is a drive of approx. 12 km drive on paved road.
  • Access to the area from the west from the Greater Reykjavík Area is from Reykjanesbraut road No. 41 turning into Krýsuvíkurvegur road No. 42 by Vallarhverfi in Hafnarfjörður. From the intersection is a drive of approx. 5.7 km to the intersection by road No. 417 where you turn. Then drive 10.8 km to the country park boundaries. From the country park the boundary to the Bláfjöll ski area is approx. 11 km. The road is paved part of the way.

Within the country park is road No. 407 (from connection to road 417 to ski area) with paved road and road No. 417 with paved road part of the way. There are no other roads within the country park.

Please note that not all roads are serviced in winter. Information on the Icelandic Road Administration’s winter services and road conditions can be found on the Icelandic Road Administration website.

Public Transport 

During winter, a bus is operated from Reykjavík to the ski area after it has been opened. Information on the bus schedule and pricing can be found on the Greater Reykjavík Area ski area’s website.

Hiking Trails 

Hiking trails within the area are generally not marked. There is a marked trail to Þríhnjúkagígar and within the natural monument Eldborg in Bláfjöll. Furthermore, Reykjavíkurvegur runs partly through the area, more specifically the path between Bláfjöll and Hamragil. Information on hiking trails in the area can be found e.g. on the website The area is mostly lava fields, and in them are openings and caves. Exercise caution, therefore, when travelling around the area and stay within marked hiking trails where possible.

Area Services 

The area has a dedicated ski area with lifts and cross-country trails of various lengths.

Parking lots are by Eldborg in Bláfjöll and the ski lodges. There are no toilet facilities in the area, apart from the ski lodges when the ski area is open.

Rules of Conduct 

  • Pedestrian traffic is allowed in the whole area.
  • All ground disturbance is prohibited within the area, except with the permission of the Environment Agency.
  • All off-road driving is prohibited.
  • All use of firearms is prohibited in the area, fox and mink hunting excluded.
  • All dogs must be on a leash.

Administration – Operation/Management 

Bláfjallafólkvangur was protected in 1973, but the protection was reviewed with Notice No. 173 in the Official Journal B. in 1985.

Supervision of the country park is managed by a co-operation committee composed of representatives from Reykjavík, Kópavogur, Seltjarnarnes, Hafnarfjörður, Garðabær, Sandgerði, Grindavík, Sveitarfélagið Garður, Sveitarfélagið Vogar, Reykjanesbær and Mosfellsbær.


  • Map showing the country park’s boundaries from the notice.