Frá 20. júní til 15. september frá kl. 8 - 15 þarf að bóka bílastæði í Landmannalaugum / Mynd: Canva


This FAQ section addresses questions regarding the parking reservation system at Landmannalaugar.

Reservations can be made through ust.is/reservations, or with the Parka app. Along with your reservation, a service fee of 450 ISK per passenger vehicle is paid, with higher rates for larger vehicles.
Yes, reservations are only needed between 8 AM and 3 PM. Outside these hours, everyone is free to drive into the area and park. Additionally, several travel operators offer daily bus trips to Landmannalaugar, most arriving in around noon.
Yes, if you plan to enter the area in a private car between 8 AM and 3 PM, all days between June 20th and September 15th.
Yes, changing your reservation to another day can be done through the Parka app, if reservations are available on the date you want to change to.
No. You can register the license plate at the time of reservation, but it's not necessary to complete the reservation. You will receive a reminder to add the license plate to your reservation before arriving at Landmannalaugar if it hasn't already been done.
No, reservations are only required for those driving a car or motorcycle into the area.
No, reservations are only needed for arriving at Landmannalaugar between 8 AM and 3 PM, regardless of the length of your stay.
This is a necessary measure for managing congestion in Landmannalaugar. In recent years, car traffic to Landmannalaugar has exceeded what the area's infrastructure can handle, resulting in daily traffic jams and chaos on roads and parking areas, with accompanying inconvenience and negative impacts on both Landmannalaugar's environment and visitor experience. Dangerous situations can also arise on the narrow access road. Therefore, implementing congestion management measures is deemed necessary, with the reservation system aiming to spread out car traffic and reduce it during peak hours.
For summer 2024, a service fee of 450 ISK per passenger vehicle is charged during the period (8 AM to 3 PM), with higher fees for larger vehicles. No payment is needed if arriving outside the reservation-required hours (before 8 AM and after 3 PM).
140 reservations are available daily during the congestion management period. The number of reservations reflects the parking capacity in Landmannalaugar and the number of vehicles the area can accommodate.
Yes, you can cancel your reservation through the system and receive a full refund. Cancellation is done through the Parka app.
Yes, your reservation covers the entire day.
No, reservations are just unnecessary after 3 PM. The entire area is open 24/7.
The fee is paid by credit card at the time of reservation.
No, the only requirement is to make one reservation per car, regardless of the number of passengers. If your group is traveling together in, for example, three cars, you need to make reservations for three cars.
No, reservations are only needed if you plan to arrive on your own in a private vehicle or a rental car.
Yes, if reservations are still available, you can make a same-day reservation before entering Landmannalaugar. Reservations cannot be made with on-site staff but must be made at ust.is/reservations or in the Parka app.
It's still possible for the car park to fill up, as has happened daily in recent years. The reservation system is intended to make this the exception rather than the rule. Staff on-site will guide guests in such situations.
Yes, the system applies regardless of nationality and residence.
If weather conditions are particularly bad on a specific day, we will allow reservations for that day to be valid for an additional two days.
Upon arrival at Landmannalaugar, an Environmental Agency staff member will check for a reservation and also provide information about the area.
No, but it is advisable to be in a four-wheel drive on the Fjallabak route (F208). We do not recommend smaller SUVs cross the two fords near Landmannalaugar, despite being in a 4x4 SUV. Instead, park in the northern parking area (P1).
The fee primarily funds the addition of staff on-site for information provision and management of the nature reserve.
There are many interesting places to explore near Landmannalaugar, both within and outside the Fjallabak nature reserve which you can explore. The nearest facilities (e.g., toilets) can be found in Hrauneyjar and Landmannahellir, while Hólaskjól, near Eldgjá, is about a 40km drive east along the Fjallabak North route (F208).
In the summer of 2024, travel companies bringing guests to Landmannalaugar will not need to make advance reservations, but all buses and other travel service vehicles will need to pay a service fee if entering the area between 8 AM and 3 PM. Rangers on site at a check-point will register vehicles from tour operators into the system when they arrive. Buses and other travel service vehicles are asked to park in designated parking available for buses at the southern end of the hut area.
Yes, the reservation system has no effect on other destinations, roads, or areas within the nature reserve other than parking in Landmannalaugar itself.
Yes, the reservation system only applies to the parking areas in Landmannalaugar itself and has no impact on other destinations within the nature reserve.
Reservations can be made through ust.is/reservations, but it is also possible to book through the Parka app.