Skrúður was protected in 1995. Skrúður is a rock island outside of Fáskrúðsfjörður with rich birdlife. Skrúður was once a fishing ground, and fishermen would camp in Skrúðshellir. The birdlife in the island was once well utilised. “Skrúðsbóndinn” lives on Skrúður and has for centuries. Skrúðsbóndinn is a creature that stole sheep from the farmers who let their sheep graze on the island and also once seduced a priest’s daughter. The European storm petrel has been wholly protected in Iceland since 1954. According to the Bern Convention, the storm petrel must be protected in Europe and its habitats specifically preserved. Visiting the island is prohibited without permission from the resident.

The nature reserve covers an area of 196.6 ha.