Information and services

Please keep to marked trails. Vehicles and bicycles are restricted to roads and tracks. Horse trekking is allowed only on marked bridle paths. Riders are requested to contact a Park Ranger. There are no campsites in the National Park but backpackers may camp for one night.

National Road 574, Útnesvegur, follows a course through the National Park and can be used as a northern or southern approach. 

There are no campsites in the National Park but there are many in the vicinity as well as a selection of accommodations and restaurants to suit all tastes. Ólafsvík, Lýsuhóll, Grundarfjörður and Stykkishólmur all have heated public swimming pools. 

The nearest grocery stores are in Hellissandur and Ólafsvík. There are petrol stations at most of these locations, as well as at Arnarstapi.

The following short list of Icelandic words may be helpful in understanding place names in the area:

  • fell hill, small mountain
  • hellir cave
  • hóll hill, hillock, knoll
  • hólar plural of hóll
  • hraun lava
  • jökull  glacier
  • klettur  cliff
  • lækur  stream, brook
  • nes  cape, promontory, headland
  • rétt  sheep corral
  • sandur  sand
  • skáli  lodge, cabin
  • snær  snow
  • steinn  stone, boulder
  • vík  small bay, cove, inlet
  • vör  landing place
  • þúfa clump of grass, tussock